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Stars & Charts

How Stars & Charts Work

As Evolve Parents, you all know first hand how much your child loves their dojo chart and earning their rewards. That at home "Learning Zone" programme follows the same structure and assists in your child's progression. Here is an overview of the at home system and remember we are here to answer any questions you may have so just pick up the phone or message us.

First thing you need to remember is that each child is individual and will receive a different reward in each class.

There will be a main value to each weekly lesson, such as focus or respect, but then there is an added bonus of earning an extra star for something they have achieved during their home session. This could be sportsmanship, for not giving up! Respect, for following the rules, teamwork, for including their siblings! There is so many ways to achieve.

The key to this working while in isolation, is by not using this chart as a bargaining tool throughout the week. The chart comes out for their weekly session and only 2 stars can be added per week and will be transferred to their chart in the dojo once we reopen. 

Earn back stars can be used, but be mindful of the stressful time we're facing right now. Try to explain bad behavior and offer alternative options to be able to avoid an earn back.

There is an explication on the life skills page of all the values, please read through and explain to your children what you expect from the home lesson we give to them, even make short videos to send to the Sensei's?

There is a guide on how to get and set up your online chart in the Parent's corner of the Learning Zone so get signed in now! 


Most of all have fun being a parent Sensei!

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