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Where do I start, when my child first started with Evolve I was sceptical at first, I didn't know what to expect as a parent. We have now been here years! So long infact, that Evolve has become more of a family, everyone is very easy to get on with. They are patient very understanding and make you feel very welcome and warm, so I'm very proud to be a parent bringing my child here... I would highly recommend Evolve to anyone who wants to send there children. My experience at Evolve has been amazing and I wouldn't change that.

I. Siraj

Out of all of the classes my daughter attends, Evolve is the one that we value the most. The progress that we’ve seen in our daughter over the last 2 years has been amazing, she’s become more confident and also has much better focus and improved listening skills. This is not just about karate but is about self-discipline, self-control and focus. These are all things that young children can find difficult but the Sensai’s are brilliant at bringing these skills out in the children that they teach whilst also making it really enjoyable. We are very excited for our youngest child to turn 3 so that he can also join in these classes.

L. Pandit

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The team at evolve are brilliant with the children they help them build confidence and learn important life skills in a fun and engaging way my son loves coming to classes every week.

K. Walton

We have been coming to evolve for over 4 years now with my two boys who have totally different personalities and the guidance, support and care my two boys have had since day one has been second to none. My eldest was always confident, happy and outgoing but my youngest was shy, quiet and very reserved, but Sensei Tina and all at Evolve allowed him the time, encouragement and care he needed to flourish and he now loves it. The martial arts element is brilliant, but nothing can beat the life skills that are nurtured and taught from a young age which I know they will carry with them as they grow. I couldn’t recommend Evolve any higher, signing up is one decision I will always be so glad I made.

S. Lee

Evolve is a great family run place. My family and I have joined every area of Evolve from my children learning life skills in Evolve Children to improving their fitness in Power Up. Whilst they do their thing I can do my fitness, both in the gym on my own and in the small varied classes with the coaches, even suffering with a bad back they are able to adapt exercises to suit my ability. It’s a warm and welcoming place for all the family to enjoys fitness.

S. Purvis

Oscar has been with evolve for over 3 years and we have seen him grow in confidence and ability! Evolve doesn’t just improve fitness, it has taught Oscar so many valuable life lessons such as respect and sportsmanship which we have seen him use outside of evolve in school and football. All the staff have been fantastic with him, I cannot recommend Evolve enough.

S. Haiste


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