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Life Skills & Core Values


We have 7 core values that we teach in all our Evolve programs

Self Control

This isn't something that we're born with. For some children the understanding of self control is simple, but for others it takes time. Self control is a life skill that we use daily, with explanations in class and activities put in place to test and push these skills. Children soon have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and how a lack of self control can stop their progression or being rewarded. 


A skill that is required daily and sometimes can need fine tuning with our little ones. Children must learn how to understand emotions, not just their-own, but others around them. We like to instil this value from the second each child enters our Dojo. Teaching them that their actions have an ability, almost like a superpower, that can make people happy. A little respect goes a long way.

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This is not a natural skill for many of us. Who can all remember the first time having to speak publicly and that daunting fear that you might make a mistake. We teach children not to worry to celebrate each mistake and enjoy the learning process along the way. Confidence is easy to build if you have people around you that believe in you. The key is to pick  out the mistakes with a smile and explanation of how to proceed positively and instilling a sense of accomplishment in the effort that led to the achievement. 


Imaging how hard school or work would be if you didn't understand the importance of being a team player. On the flip side some children are natural born leaders and love to guide and lead the way. Our job is to find a balance with all children, giving them the confidence to be a part of a team and lead the way when possible.


We've all been there, talking away to our children, giving then instructions to follow, only to turn around to find them daydreaming not hearing a word we said. Our program teaches children to be in the moment, keeping them engaged with visual demonstrations and fun verbal content. Losing focus is easily done in certain situations , but for some, it's a life skill that can be more challenging and require a lot more perseverance to understand.


This skill goes hand in hand with the skills above. We all must learn that sometimes things don't go our way, we are not always first, or on the contrary when we win we must consider the feelngs of others. We have all heard the saying " no one likes a poor sport"  well this applies to many aspects of day to day life as sometimes we need to give things another try or picking someone up when they feel down. Sportsmanship is a skill to treasure and share.


Overall we want children to put as much effort as they can into their learning and activities. We must expect mistakes and boundaries to be tested, but learn what it means for them to truly give whatever they are doing their best shot! We expect children to learn that through their perseverance and effort anything is possible, the rewards are greater,  and then their life skills will flourish.

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