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Please go to the form below and register your details*. By registering and letting us know how many family members may be participating and if you will be walking, running, cycling (or all of them) will allow us to taylor the fundraiser possibly adding fun events as we progress.


*All information is for the fundraiser use only and will not be shared with any third party.

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Happy Family in the Park

Strava is a fantastic, highly rated, free app that allows you to log all your miles walking, cycling, or running by the simple click of the button! Charity Fundraisers have found that using Strava can generate up to 30% more by allowing everyone to simply and effectively log their miles and see at a glance how they are doing. Just click the button for more information and for App Store & Google Play links.

Get Strava

Once you have Strava go to the "Explore" tab and then "Clubs". Now simply search for "United in Miles" and join. We are all in the charity club supporting each other. The club is a fun way to feel part of the community working for such a great cause! 

Join Our Strava Group

Every time you go out for a walk, hike,run, or cycle ride simply click the "Record Activity" button on your app; click "Finish" when your done and your miles are added to your total!

Record Your Miles
Image by Tim Foster

Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for the Daisy Chain Charity. So we all need to get sponsors to donate on our miles logged! 5p a mile 10p a mile or more! Go for it and on July 21st lets get those donations in!

Of course, you can always donate at anytime through the button below which links directly to the Charity and the United in Miles Funding Button!

Raise Funds & Donate
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Happy Family in Nature
Would You and Your Family Like to Help? Please Register Below!
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